Defined by its closeness and essence.
Apelson embodies dynamism, versatility and functionality

With over 30 years of experience in small household appliances, with a particular emphasis on the extraction and subsequent cooking range, Apelson is a leading brand renowned for high-quality products at competitive prices. We design them with our customers’ needs in mind.
Specialising in formats for new homes, standard formats and formats with limited spaces, tailored to emerging trends.
Apelson products are designed for all audiences, maintaining a commitment to environmental responsibility and incorporating high quality. Apelson products are backed by a swift and efficient customer service provided by CNA Group.

Tailored solutions

Apelson’s mission is to offer customers solutions customised to meet the most demanding requirements in functionality and design. This aims to achieve a perfect harmony between cooking appliances and the rest of the kitchen furniture, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment where cooking becomes a true pleasure.


Cutting-edge products

Apelson provides a range of products to equip your kitchens: wall-mounted or built-in extractor hoods, advanced multifunction ovens, microwave ovens and induction and ceramic hobs.